Patient Forms

Upon entering our office our receptionist will greet you and welcome you as a member of our family.  We will request you fill our patient forms that provides us with general information about yourself, your condition, and your overall stress levels. 


Consultation and Examination

Next you will have a consultation with your practitioner to discuss your health-related problems, concerns, as well as potential treatment options. Your first visit is designed for your practitioner to learn more about you, your condition and your expectations to determine whether he or she will you meet your goals. After your consultation, your practitioner will perform a complete examination testing your reflexes, your ability to turn and bend as well as other standard neurological, orthopedic, postural, and physical and applied Kinesiology examinations. Nothing will be done in our office without your consent.


Diagnostic tests

Your specific condition may require additional testing. The testing options we have available help us rule out more serious conditions or assist us in developing the most effective treatment plan for you. Testing options include, but are not limited to: Blood Chemistry Panels, Salivary Hormone Assessments, Food/Environmental Sensitivity, Hair Mineral Analysis, Neurotransmitter Assessments, X-Rays, MRI, Ultrasound, and many more.



Patients will generally be provided with their first treatment at the conclusion this appointment. This may include spinal adjustments, physiotherapies, and/or soft tissue therapies.  Treatment is interactive with you so you can express any concerns you have about the style of adjustment you will be most comfortable with.